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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

Web-Based Timekeeping

Reducing Your Cost of Labor One Pay Period at a Time

Today’s automated timekeeping technology is a powerful resource for businesses, both large and small. It is designed to offer exceptional convenience, and to substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labor.


Many companies today considering implementing an automated timekeeping system are motivated primarily by upgrading to digital time tracking; however, what is often overlooked is exactly how much companies save by tracking their employees with an automated solution.

Finding a Solution For Your Needs

Maximizing your savings with automated timekeeping requires a brief evaluation of your system needs. You can create a network of time tracking devices, including the Time Clock, Web Clock, Flex Clock, Bio Clock and Voice Clock, or you may decide your needs are met most efficiently with one standard tracking device, such as the traditional Time Clock unit.

Integrate Your Timekeeping Solution

Whatever time tracking needs you might have, all our tracking devices can be integrated into one single network and account, enabling convenient labor tracking, management, and reporting.


Program Features & Settings

Our timekeeping solution can handle both simple and more advanced account features. In fact, your employee’s time cards may contain a variety of labor data, or simply display an employee’s “in” and “out” times. Take a look at some of the key features offered by our timekeeping program

Program Features / Settings

  • Automatic lunch deduction
  • Supervisor login access / restrictions
  • Holiday Pay Functionality
  • Punch Rounding
  • Departmental / Categorical / Employee rounding functionality
  • Labor Distribution
  • Job cost reporting
  • Shift differential pay rates
  • Multiple pay rate assignments
  • Move between departments
  • Numeric / Categorical data collection at clock
  • Online viewing, editing, and reporting
  • Overtime pay automation
  • Quick and flexible reporting options
  • Simple payroll file export
  • Daily auto e-mail module for administrators
  • Custom labor categories
  • Add/edit by dollar amount, punch times, hour blocks
  • Track punch activity by location


Punch Entry Options


  • Badge Swipe
  • PIN / SSN Entry
  • Biometric (with Print Reader)


  • Telephone Punch


  • Badge Swipe
  • PIN / SSN Entry
  • Biometric (with Print Reader)
  • Telephone Punch


  • PC login online
  • ID and password entry


  • Finger scan


Summary Report Sample

You can create a variety of reports to suit your data needs. Above, you’ll see an example of the “Payroll Summary Report.” All reports offer sorting and filtering fields to help you organize your data.

Labor Distribution Sample Caption

If you’re tracking multiple departments, locations, and job codes, you’ll have numerous options for organizing this data as well.

Why Automated Timekeeping?
A few good reasons to employ automated timekeeping are: eliminate the time it takes to prepare and complete time card data; eliminate unnecessary labor costs; reduce the cost of human error in time card preparation.